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  • Welcome to The Rustic Homestead

    The owners of Sunrise Buildings, James and Mabel Burkholder, opened this new store. It brings to you rustic home décor and gifts.

    In the first two years of operating Sunrise Buildings, the front showroom stood empty, waiting for a store. In April, 2011, the store became The Rustic Homestead.

  • Home Décor & Gifts

    There are signs, mottos, prints, and word art for your walls.

    Candles, lanterns, floral and garlands available for every room.

  • Homemade Items

    Homemade glycerin and lye soaps, cookbooks, cheese making supplies (how to make cheese….classes coming soon). Many unusual items and inspirational items.

  • Lawn & Log Furniture

    Lawn furniture, log furniture, good used furniture, plus a nice variety of country and lodge home décor.

  • Country & Lodge Home Décor

    We sell curtains, tea towels and napkins, handmade woven rugs, quilts, doilies, and linens.

  • Rustic Lodge & Country Home Décor

    The Rustic Homestead does special orders for rugs and curtains, has country and homespun fabrics and will make custom curtains, napkins, tea towels and aprons to order, all in the rustic lodge and country home décor.

    Many gift ideas are available.